iPhone 5S rumors: Sharp set to begin display production next month

Credit: Apple

According to Reuters, Retina displays for the iPhone 5S are expected to enter production in the Asian company in June.

The report also states that Sharp is taking steps to save the company from bankruptcy.

Production of the 9.7 inch iPad screen stopped in January, but Apple still needs Retina Displays for the iPhones so they are keeping Sharp as a partner.

The report states: “In January, Sharp had to curtail production of 9.7-inch iPad screens, hurting output levels and threatening its recovery in profitability. The Japanese company is preparing to begin large-scale production next month of screens for Apple’s next iPhone model, the sources said.”

The news is not new. Last week, it was reported that Apple had chosen Sharp to produce the display for its next iPhone.

Production of screens for the device was said to start in June at its No. 1 plant, Kameyama.