CNN anchor plans double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer

Zoraida Sambolin/Facebook

Sambolin, who anchors CNN’s Early Start, talked on the show about her struggle with breast cancer.

“I struggled for weeks trying to figure out how tell you that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was leaving to have surgery then Angelina Jolie shares her story of a double mastectomy and gives me strength and an opening,” Sambolin posted on her Facebook page.

Angelina Jolie has chosen to speak about her intervention in an article published in The New York Times, entitled “My Medical Choice,” to encourage women to undergo surgery to save their lives.

Jolie reveal that in the past three months she has recovered from a double mastectomy surgery, which took place in February.

The actress lost her mother, who died of ovarian cancer, and did this surgery because she found that she carries a gene that increases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.