iPhone 5S rumors: internal components photo leaks

BGR has published pictures of the internal components of the next iPhone.

The photos include parts for a new speaker brackets (both ear speaker bracket and a new loud-speaker bracket), another vibrating motor, a Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon and two different SIM card trays.

The pictures show two nano-SIM card holders, one in a known color, the other in a new color.

This seems to suggest that the rumors about different color variants of the iPhone 5S have a good deal of truth.

On the outside, the iPhone 5S looks very similar to the current iPhone.

The site notes that the device will come with new internal changes, possibly including a fingerprint sensor.

The leaked photos appear to suggest that the internal components will be redesigned in order to accommodate new parts, the report states.

It has been reported that Michael Barrett, chief information security officer of PayPal, confirmed that the iPhone 5S, which should be released later this year, will come with a fingerprint reader.

Apple’s acquisition of fingerprint security firm AuthenTec for more than $350 million in July 2012 is regarded as a key step in the innovation of the next iPhone.