Rumors say Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler broke up, actress is depressed

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

“Sources close to Ghenea” told a Romanian tabloid that the actress and the Hollywood hunk are not longer a couple.

A source close to the star recounted the events for the tabloid: “Madalina Ghenea is depressed!”

The weird part is that the tabloid cited “close sources,” but does not give any names.

It’s not the first time when speculation arises that the pair have split.

Wild rumors about their relationship have surfaced lately. It has been speculated that Butler it has been flirting with Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry.

The Italian press speculated that Madalina and Gerard had broken up after a photo showing Madalina dancing in a club with her ex-boyfriend, footballer Marco Borriello, appeared in the media.

Earlier this month, in an interview, Ghenea spoke about her relationship with Butler.

She also talked in general terms about a possible breakup from the Scottish actor: “The media has eventually been really, I don’t know … I want to thank journalists in Romania, in Italy, everyone, because nobody did any harm in that sense. Ultimately, I don’t know what could be seen as negative in my relationship. Then if this relationship is over, I ask everyone in advance to be the same as before and not scold me, not be upset with me.”

The show’s host insisted and asked her if this is possible, to which she replied: “If there is any possibility? It’s personal life, it is a very personal detail. But that’s how it is, unfortunately we live in a world where relationships end more quickly than they should,”

These statements regarding a possible separation have been subject to a lot of speculation lately.

There was no comment from reps of the two stars.