David Beckham retires from football

At the end of this season, Beckham is retiring, at the age of 38.

The English soccer player apparently has two more games left to play as part of the Paris St.-Germain team this season.

Beckham won “Premier League” titles in four countries, and at the beginning of the year he signed a contract with the team for a period of five months. Following this contract sportsman will receive over four million dollar salary that you will donate to a noble cause.

David Beckham has been very active most of his career, for 10 years, he played for England, at Manchester United, then for Spain at Real Madrid and for America, with the Los Angeles Galaxy team.

The star said in a recent statement that he is an accomplished athlete: “I feel now is the right time to finish my career, playing at the highest level.”

Following his retirement from football , his wife Victoria tweeted a photo of herself and David with the caption: “Thank you for all your lovely messages, we are so proud of you David x vb”

Victoria Beckham/Twitter

Recent rumors suggested that he’s interested in the ownership of the Major League Soccer club.

Beside sports, Beckham had contracts with Pepsi, H&M and Adidas.