iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 rumors: internal components pictures, release date, features, concepts and more

iPhone 6/iPhone 5S concept + iOS 7

Until then, speculation will be rampant and until an official presentation nothing is certain.

Everyone is wondering, awaiting the next device, about what updates will Apple bring for the upcoming iPhone, from design to new components.

Each year Apple modifies how the components are positioned inside its devices, in order to reduce the size of the iPhones, but also to make room for new components.

The iPhone 5S will be released this fall, and besides the fingerprint sensor, a better camera and a faster processor are rumored to be included, as Apple will again modify the internal structure of the components.

BGR has published photos of the internal parts of the iPhone 5S.

In pictures we’ve seen so far there are new speaker brackets, a new vibrator motor, a Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon and a new SIM tray.

The images of these new components suggest that the iPhone 5S will enter into production soon.

Rumors are suggesting that June would be the month when Apple partners are expected to start mass production of the handset.

It’s obvious that Apple will make room for something new inside the smartphone, perhaps a slightly larger battery, a fingerprint sensor and a touch Home button.

Another rumor indicates that the device will have a capacitive touch Home button that incorporates a new fingerprint sensor protected by a sapphire crystal.

The information suggests that the Home button will have double functionality: to control the iOS and read the fingerprints.

The touch Home button of the iPhone S would be fixed and it should not move like that of old devices, all for the purpose of implementing a fingerprint reader.

The sapphire crystal used by Apple to protect the button is already in used for the iPhone 5 camera, but in the fall we may find it incorporated in the button.

Basically Apple is expected to fundamentally change the method of interacting with the Home button and implement an information security system.

According to Reuters, Sharp is preparing to start production of Retina Displays forthe iPhone 5S the next month.

Sharp stopped production of 9.7-inch screens for the iPad in January, but Apple still needs Retina Displays for iPhones, so they’re keeping Sharp as a partner.

“In January, Sharp had to curtail production of 9.7-inch iPad screens, hurting output levels and threatening its recovery in profitability. The Japanese company is preparing to begin large-scale production next month of screens for Apple’s next iPhone model, the sources said.”

If screens go into production next month, the launch of the iPhone 5S in the fall seems more likely.

Apple may present the iOS 7 in the opening keynote at WWDC 2013 and the operating system could be released in beta for developers and tested until September.

Returning to the fingerprint sensor for the next iPhone, Michael Barrett, chief information security officer of PayPal has “seemingly confirmed” the new component: “It’s widely rumored that a large technology provider in Cupertino, Calif., will come out with a phone later this year that has a fingerprint reader on it.”

“There is going to be a fingerprint enabled phone on the market later this year. Not just one, multiple.”

In the concepts category, this week we have two interesting mockups.

An iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 design concept which “borrows” the iPad Mini’s design is presented with the creator’s vision of the iOS 7 interface.

A concept of the low-cost iPhone 6 with plastic casing instead of glass was designed by Ran Avni.