Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up

Image: Vanity Fair

But things seemed to settle for the two on-off lovers as the pair was spotted holding hand at Coachella, celebrating Stewart’s 23rd birthday and also at NYC’s MET Gala.

All in all, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are apparently over again, at last for now, a source told People magazine.

The actress was photographed last week looking very upset while leaving her residence in California, where she lived with the British actor, but the source said that there is the possibility of a new reconciliation between the two.

Breakup reports surfaced when Stewart organized a party for Pattison’s 27th birthday this week, an event the actor didn’t attend.

Last summer Pattinson left the mansion where he lived with his girlfriend, following the publication in the media of pictures of Stewart in intimate poses with director Rupert Sanders, 42.

After the pictures went public Kristen acknowledged her affair with Sanders.

Subsequently, both the actress and Rupert Sanders issued press releases in which the publicly apologized.

A few months later, Robert Pattinson seemed to have forgiven the actress, agreeing to continue their relationship.

Reps for the former couple have not yet responded.