Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox from “Friends”, a reunion spot promo – VIDEO

In the funny video, Jennifer Aniston joins forces with old mates Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry in a promotional spot for an edition of the entertainment show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green, visits Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, to ask him for some suggestions from an intervention that she will have as co-presenter of DeGeneres’ show.

Matthew blankly greets his former co-star and is clearly unprepared for her morning visit, seemingly wanting to avoid her, in a speech about how they’ve barely seen each other since the end of the show.

After she mistakes Matthew for David Schwimmer, their colleague who played Ross Geller, Jennifer goes on and explains that she needs his suggestions for her appearance on Ellen’s show.

Perry assures her that she would certainly do a great job. Suddenly, actress Courteney Cox, who played Chandler’s girlfriend on the show, shows up from behind the door.

For a few seconds, the three sit without saying anything and look at each other in an uncomfortable atmosphere on a soundtrack that parodies a scene of suspense.

The confrontation continues with them arguing, Jennifer suggesting that the two settled a meeting of “Friends” as an adventure.

Surprises continue for Aniston shortly as Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres’s girlfriend, creeps from behind Perry’s door, followed by Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres expressed her enthusiasm about the show that she would host together with Jennifer Aniston on Twitter: “Tomorrow, my good friend Jennifer Aniston is co-hosting the show and Portia is the guest! It can’t get much better than this.”