Madalina Ghenea on some of Gerard Butler’s fans reaction to their relationship: ‘I get thousands of comments full of envy and malice on the biggest gossip sites’

The Romanian beauty spoke about her lover Gerard Butler – even if the media speculated that the couple had split, until an official statement, their status is that of a couple.

Since having a relationship with the Scottish actor, their relationship went through a ‘mixer’ of rumors, which in time were cleared off, meaning that immediately after their appearance, the two lovers showed up together at different events, making it clear that ‘rumors are flying’ and they’re still going strong.

In the interview, posted last week, Madalina recounted how she met Gerard, how they got the over “aberrations” that appeared in the press about them, but said nothing about a breakup.

Now we’re revealing the other side of the interview with the magazine ‘OK! Romania.’

OK!: I assume you know how often Gerard Butler is found among Romanian women’s choices for men. He’s very popular, many people regard him as the sexiest man alive …
MG: I know. I receive hundreds of death threats and insults, there are thousands of comments full of envy and malice on the biggest gossip sites, thousands of discussions like “I know from a friend who was told by a friend that Madalina is this, that and the other”. I’m very “unwoman” about this, I don’t gossip, I have nothing to do with what others do, I don’t have time to see or analyze what others are doing unless they are an example to me. If I have time, I write a compliment, I don’t waste time with negative things. What’s the use of it? Some people live very harshly, envy can be such a terrible disease! Thank God that didn’t touch me. I don’t have an instinct for competition, I think there’s room for everyone.

OK!: Typically, women are disapproving when it comes to the beauty of another woman. You are liked by women and men alike. Who turns their around more often?
MG: I think there are many people who don’t like me. Honestly, I’m usually quite absent, I don’t look at people who turn around to look at me. I have so many plans and thoughts, responsibilities and concerns. I forever struggle with time. It’s never enough for me.

OK!: What were the greatest efforts that someone made ​​to conquer you?
MG: As I told you, I’m attracted to bad boys. When a bad boy flies off for nine hours to see you, after you spoke to him for just a few minutes and you didn’t pay any attention to him for three days, but he comes anyway, he deserves a chance, even if he has a reputation that would scare even the most powerful woman in the world.

OK!: How many flowers do you receive weekly?
MG: Not much. Sometimes not even my mother knows where I am around the world. Sometimes, I forget it myself. I wake up in the morning and I need a few seconds to realize where I am and what is it I have to do. Ugly invention, the wakeup call! Anyway, I love flowers and men should give them all the time.

OK!: Did Gerard give you any?
MG: From the first date! (she smiles)

OK!: You are in a public place and see a man you’re crazy about. He sees you too, but he doesn’t do anything. What do you do?
MG: I can’t do much, I’m old-fashioned and should expect him to do something. Although I happened to go to a waiter once to compliment him. I was in a cafe with a friend, he kept looking at me and when I was looking at him, he would look away. A shy child, no more than 20 years old. I went up to him and told him he was quite handsome, and then I left the cafe. A few minutes later, he came after me in the street and screamed like crazy asking me if I wanted to be his wife.

OK!: How many men have wanted to marry you?
MG: Many. Jokingly, or seriously, but they all wanted a child from me. Maybe because today, since marriage is no longer a guarantee, a child binds you for life. It’s a huge compliment for me.

Anyway, we have to admit that at 26, Madalina Ghenea reached the wisdom needed to understand this industry, she understood what a relationship with an actor like Gerard Butler means, and also that there will be vocal fans that are very emotionally involved. Good for her!