Gerard Butler: Madalina Ghenea “is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”

As Stern called her a ‘model’, Gerard corrected him, saying she is an actress, and referring to her latest film starring Jude Law.

Asked by the host, who was also extremely impressed with Madalina’s physique, if he is in love with her, the actor replied he was ‘in deep like.’

To which Stern said: ‘You are in love.’

‘Ya, she is amazing! She is amazing!’ Butler replied.

Stern then showed a photo of Madalina and the Scottish actor said: ‘She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.’

Gerard recounted how they met at a party after the opening of a gallery in New York, and about the “magic” night – as he described it himself – that followed in which they didn’t even kissed, but tried on the actor’s huge hat collection at his home.

Here is what Gerard had to say about Madalina: