Xbox One rumors about remote control and Siri-like features


Polygon cites sources close to Xbox One that reveal new details about the system.

The new Xbox could feature remote control, that is, to allow a friend to take control of the console in order to get over a difficult passage in the game.

Gamers will also have the opportunity to share of images and videos via various social networks, including Facebook and Ustream.

The report also mentions that the Xbox One will probably be able to respond when you give it voice commands via Kinect.

Kinect can scan, for example, a room full of people and remark those it does not know thanks to its facial recognition system.

The software will require identification of these people to save their profile.

Microsoft responded to Polygon with the message: “In the days since we announced Xbox One there has been a lot of random speculation about various features and potential future scenarios for Xbox One. We look forward to sharing more details at a later date, but aren’t discussing anything further at this time.”

Source: Polygon