Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert cheating rumors surface again

Blake recently granted an interview to People magazine, in which he confesses that there’s complete trust between him and his wife.

However, Life & Style magazine insists that the two stars haven’t settled their issues yet.

The latest report from the mag alleges that there’s something between Miranda Lambert and her opening tour act, Eric Church.

While Shelton has a “reputation as a flirt,” Miranda “isn’t so innocent either,” the report states, adding that her flirting with Eric Church “nearly destroyed her relationship with Blake forever.”

The article goes on to say that Miranda “fell for” Church during her Revolution tour, and she kept “trying to get close to her tourmate.”

A source is actually quoted as saying that “she just wouldn’t keep her hands off Eric. Miranda was getting really frisky with Eric.”

Apparently, Church “wasn’t open to Miranda’s advances,” and he even “had to kick Miranda off his bus a couple of times. She was getting too close for comfort.” The comments are from the same source of course.

But that’s not all!

Lambert isn’t just satisfied to cheat on her husband with one man, she’s now flirting with Dierks Bentley on her “Locked & Reloaded” tour.

This time the info comes from a concertgoer who says, “Miranda seemed pretty close to Dierks… They seemed flirty,” adding, “I could definitely see that she could have a crush on him.”

Anyway, the pair denied the accusations in interviews or on Twitter, so you may draw your own conclusions.

Image: Life & Style