LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian working on TV show ‘based on our reality’

LeAnn Rimes/Twitter

The singer explained to People the reason for such an idea: “We’re doing a TV show based on our reality. We’ll take things out of our lives and elaborate them and make them funny. People have been laughing at us – we want them to laugh with us!”

The singer, 30, hopes the show will increase their credibility with the public.

“For some reason, everyone is so interested in our lives but they don’t actually know about them,” Rimes says. “What they read is what they see. We want to be able to take control of our lives again so we want to do a show about us, about our lives, but scripted.”

“That’s why we explored the idea of doing the show, to be able to be together.”

Married since 2011, the pair was involved in a cheating scandal in 2009 that ended up in their divorces from their respective spouses.

Rimes will release her new album, Spitfire, on June 4.