Blake Shelton opens up about marriage to Miranda Lambert

Shelton shares bits of their lives together in the latest issue of People magazine.

“I’m always pestering her. I just cannot get enough because she gets irritated so quickly,” he says with a laugh.

“Maybe I’ll tell her one of her dogs is missing, let her believe it for 10 minutes or so,” he says. “It’s terrible! Anything I can think of to get a rise out of her is a sport for me.”

From marriage trouble to cheating allegations and even pregnancy rumors, the couple has constantly been in the centre of attention lately.

“If you’re in the public eye, people are going to take shots at you,” Shelton tells the magazine.

The two have stood by each other, despite recent tabloid reports.

Shelton has addressed the countless allegations in the media, while Lambert has said that “divorce is not an option.”

Image: People