iPhone 5S rumors: new components leaked showing FaceTime camera, home button

Czech site Letem Svetem Applem has exposed supposed next-generation components for the device, including a FaceTime camera, the home button and vibration motor.

The Home button is very different from the one that circulated online in March, unlike the pics of the vibrating motor which look similar to the images published in the same period.

The motor seems to have a dual-head vibrating component which, as discussed in the past, could belong to the low-cost iPhone.

The authenticity has not been proven, but the serial numbers of the parts suggest that they might actually be components of the next-generation iPhone.

One of the most important rumors on the iPhone 5S concerns the possible inclusion of a sensor for fingerprints integrated directly into the Home button.

While speculation initially pointed to a June launch at the WWDC, which Apple will hold next week, the next iPhone is expected to be launched in September.

Via AppleInsider