iPhone 6, iPhone 5S rumors: release date, components, concepts and more

Rumors have surfaced, stating that Apple is working on a new iPhone which will be available in multiple colors.

Lately, pictures of components attributed to the iPhone 5S showing a new golden SIM card tray have appeared.

The the volume keys and the mute switch also appear in gold color in the images.

Rumors about the possible launch of a low-cost iPhone continue to pop.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White claims that the device will be produced in 5 different colors and will hit de market just before the much anticipated iPhone 5S.

Apart from the low-cost iPhone, the analyst believes a larger 4-inch display iPhone 6 may be available in 2014.

White said that the colors include black, white, blue and pink, but the fifth color is not specified.

It has been speculated that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor with which Apple intends to secure our devices and possibly allow us to make payments.

So far it has been suggested that this fingerprint sensor will be part of the Home button on the iPhone 5S, but a picture published this week shows a presumed Home button of the smartphone and it contains only a connector that would allow attaching a fingerprint reader.

The connector from the iPhone 5S is longer and thinner than the one from the iPhone 5, which suggests that Apple is making room in the internal structure of the device for a fingerprint sensor.

A FaceTime camera, the home button and vibrator motor of the iPhone 5S appear in new images published by Czech site Letem Svetem Applem.

The pictures show the front camera of the iPhone 5S that is expected to be able to make full HD calls.

Then we have the Home button that doesn’t seem to be touch sensitive or to hide a fingerprint reader and the vibrator motor which is different from the one on the iPhone 5.

The motor appears to feature a dual-head vibrating component that could belong to the low-cost iPhone.

The launch dates for the iPhone 5S and the iPad mini 2 could be delayed due to production of Retina displays.

Citi analysts found that production of the iPhone 5S could be delayed by 2-4 weeks due to problems with the screen manufacturing.

A supposed front panel of the iPhone 5S shows a possible change of location for the front camera, meaning the handset could have the camera positioned to the left as compared to the iPhone 5 where the front camera is located in the middle of the front panel.

New concepts of the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 came to the light and until the official presentation of the two smartphones other mockups are bound to show up.

Meanwhile we have an iPhone 5S concept in multiple colors and 3D front camera and an iPhone 6 concept with a 4.8 inch display and a new Home button.