iPhone 6 release date rumors point to first quarter of 2014, 4.8 inch screen

Credit: Apple

It isn’t known if the transition to a bigger screen, which will include a higher resolution, will look like what this image shows, meaning the removal of edges and of the space between the buttons/speaker, or Apple will choose to increase the size of the device.

“We…expect a 4.8 [inch] screen iPhone 6 to be launched in 1Q14,” Citi’s Glen Yeung wrote in a note to investors.

Regarding the production of the upcoming iPhone 5S, this “has been delayed by two to four weeks,” the note mentions.

“And while this does not preclude a September iPhone 5S launch date, we suspect volumes in September may consequently be challenged.”

Citi also addressed Apple’s the Worldwide Developers Conference that is set to take place next week.

“We suspect any hardware discussions will only center on the upcoming Macbook refresh. Instead, we anticipate some focus on native services from Apple, namely a Spotify-like music streaming and Pandora-like Internet radio service. In addition, extrapolating from comments made by [Apple CEO] Tim Cook in recent public appearances, we expect some indication that Apple will open up their API to developers, allowing outside influence to things like iCloud, Maps, and Siri,” the note also read.

Source: CNET