Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson: dating?

Katy Perry/Twitter

Robert Pattinson broke up with Kristen Stewart, for the second time, three weeks ago.

Katy, who also recently broke up with John Mayer, and Rob went together to Bjork’s concert, but left separately to avoid paparazzi.

“They are both good friends but have been hanging out more and more recently,” a source told The Sun.

“Rob poured out his heart to Katy about Kristen cheating on him. She proved to be a really good shoulder to cry on. He stayed at her house in LA after they went away to Santa Barbara together for few days over American Memorial Day weekend late last month.”

“Their friends say they have now fallen for each other.”

It’s also been reported that Rob, 27, and Katy, 28, are apparently planning to go on a vacation to the Caribbean in the near future.