Gorilla Glass, smartphone protection could be used on cars

Gorilla Glass, Corning’s extremely resistant glass used for the touch panel of mobile phones could be used by manufacturers in the automotive industry.

The technology consists of a glass that is applied over the surface of the touch-sensitive display, making it highly resistant to shocks and scratches.

The applicability of the material might extend on a much larger scale, as the president of Corning has said.

Jeffrey Evenson, the man behind the invention of the Gorilla Glass, said recently that the glass could be used in the automotive industry.

Evenson stated that manufacturers using the ultra-resistant glass may produce to much better soundproofed models, much more silent.

He also declared that he expects, starting from next year, at least one premium automotive manufacturer to begin mass production of Gorilla Glass.

More and more manufacturers seek to produce lighter cars to reduce fuel consumption. The use of an invention like Gorilla Glass in several parts of the car, even for the windows, may significantly reduce the weight.

The resistance of the Gorilla Glass is demonstrated the following video:

Via MIT Technology Review