Madalina Ghenea & Gerard Butler have split – What is the reason behind their breakup?

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

On a visit to Germany, the Scottish actor was asked by German website if he is currently in a relationship, to which he replied: “Not at the moment. But at some point I do want to settle down.”

Regarding his reputation as a ladies’ man, the actor said, amused: “That was a while ago.”

“Oh, you know what, I can laugh about it. I’m certainly no angel, but I work hard, take my job seriously and live a passionate life,” he added.

About his ideal woman, the actors listed several qualities that she should have: “It always depends on the moment and the person.”

“I’ve had relationships with very different women. Generally, I like partners who have a special sense of humour, are confident, sweet and honest.”

Gerard Butler/Twitter

After a brief introduction of what Gutler said regarding his relationship status, we’ll to try to find a possible answer for the split based on interviews given by the two.

Why the pair parted is not known for sure because none of them stated the reason of the breakup.

We make a foray into what happened in the last period between the former lovers based on their declarations.

Back in May, Ghenea, who was in her homeland, granted an interview to Antena 3 Romania, in which she spoke about a possible rift between her and Butler, but only in general terms.

“The media has eventually been really, I don’t know … I want to thank journalists in Romania, in Italy, everyone, because nobody did any harm in that sense. Ultimately, I don’t know what could be seen as negative in my relationship. Then if this relationship is over, I ask everyone in advance to be the same as before and not scold me, not be upset with me,” she said.

The show’s host asked her if there was this possibility, to which she replied:

“If there is any possibility? It’s personal life, it is a very personal detail. But that’s how it is, unfortunately we live in a world where relationships end more quickly than they should.”

It was for the first time when she talked about a possible breakup. After these statements, the press speculated that she and Butler had separated, but there was no official statement from the couple.

Also in May, the 25-year-old model/actress was interviewed by “OK! Romania” and spoke about her relationship with the Scottish actor, but did not mention anything about a breakup.

On the contrary, she talked about things that didn’t foresee the end of their relationship in any way, such as the moment they moved together, or the fact that they made a list of all the nonsense written about them in the media and questioned each other about them.

Back in April, she told the Italian talk show Verissimo that Butler is her first true love: “He’s a great guy who knows how to do everything and I hope he will never change in any way.”

Regarding marriage, Ghenea also said that it “is too early at this point.” However, she admitted she is no stranger to the idea of ​​having a baby.

“I want that immediately, right now,” she said. “I’ve always wanted a family with many children and pets.”

In the interview Madalina talked about the support that she had from the actor.

“Gerard urges me to work as much as I can! He pushes me to study, to take acting, singing and dancing classes. Just the way he does: we have many things in common, he began making films at a later age, at 25 like me.”

In another interview with Romanian TV channel Antena 1, Ghenea declared excitedly: “I am very happy and I repeat, I am lucky and I thank God. I don’t know, I get nervous, I can’t talk about him now.”

“He said it all, he gave all the details of how we met, fell in love, we’re together, we’re not together. He gives all the details”, she said.

For his part, in an interview with Howard Stern in March, Butler called Ghenea “amazing” and “the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

Also in March, in an interview with Extra, Gerard said about Madalina: “She [Madalina] ‘s amazing. I’m having fun. I’m very lucky, she’s a great girl.”

In April, in an interview with the actor, The Independent journalist Deborah Ross wrote: “I can tell you he is dating someone and this someone is for real, and not Jennifer or Cameron, who never were.”

Ghenea recently posted a picture of herself on Facebook in which she is shown crying, with caption: “tears of joy, tears of sorrow.”

At that time, Madalina was relaxing on vacation and posted some pictures of herself on the beach on her Facebook page. She also shared pictures with the message “onset”, which may mean that she also working.

However, lately she hasn’t made any comments regarding her separation from Butler. The actor was the one who let the world know, clarifying his status.