iOS 7 hints at updates for iPhone 5S

Credit: Apple

“It’s the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

“It has a whole new structure that is coherent and that is applied across the entire system,” said Jony Ive in a video showing off the new operating system. “We’ve considered the tiniest details like refining the typography to much larger ones like redesigning all the icons.”

An article on CNET points to some clues about the next Apple smartphone which will feature the OS.

Firstly, it has been rumored that the next iPhone will come with an improved camera.

In support of this rumor is the fact that the iOS 7 supports 60fps video capture, and 30fps is the standard for smartphones.

Also, as the iOS 7 comes with an inclinometer, which help to measure a slope, elevation, or declines, notably in connection with gravity, the report speculates on the possibility that a new physical sensor will be added to the next iPhone, in the same way Samsung did with the Galaxy S4 barometer and humidity sensors.

Since iOS 7 changes the shape of cylindrical buttons for onscreen toggles, making them shorter.

That means Apple is likely to modify the iPhone’s hardware sound toggle on the left spine in order to fit in with the new OS.

In addition, NFC wasnt featured in the iPhone 5, and unless Apple invests in its wireless AirDrop in the near future, we may not see the technology in their next flagship device any time soon.

Other rumors about Apple’s future iPhone include a bigger display, various color options and wireless charging among others.