iPhone 5S design rumors: the next iPhone might be slightly thicker than the iPhone 5

At a closer look, you can notice that the iPhone 5S is presented as being 0.1mm thicker than the iPhone 5, but the rest of its dimensions are identical to those of the device which is now on sale.

The iPhone Lite, which is believed to be none other than the rumored low-cost model, will have dimensions close to the iPhone 5, with the same 4-inch screen, but it would be thicker.

If you look at a 3D reproduction of this budget iPhone, you will see that it has more rounded edges than the iPhone 5.

The blueprints also seem to indicate that the thickness of the low-cost iPhone will measure about 0.8 millimeters more than Apple’s next iPhone.

AppleInsider reports that case makers are already working on accessories that are expected to fit the iPhone Lite.