John Mayer’s song “Paper Doll” is about Taylor Swift?

The video stars Joanna has Rohrback, famous for promoting the “prancercise” movement, an unique maintenance exercise which is raging among fitness enthusiasts.

John Mayer revealed in a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone that he was bothered by a song written by Taylor Swift, “Dear John.”

“It made me feel terrible,” Mayer said, “Because I didn’t deserve it.”

“I never got an email. I never got a phone call,” he related. “I was really caught off-guard.”

Anyway, it is rumored that the song “Paper Doll” is a reply to Taylor Swift’s “Dear John” because there are some similarities.

“Someone’s gonna paint you another sky,” seems an answer to Swift’s lyrics “You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain.”

“Paper Doll” is the first single promoted from Mayer’s upcoming album, whose release will take place on August 13.

What do you think? Did Mayer respond to Swift this way?