iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 rumors: launch, components, concepts and more

Credit: Apple

Lately more and more parts from the iPhone 5S have leaked online, and the photos show us what the next iPhone may feature, of course, if the leaks are authentic.

Anyway, until the official presentation nothing is for sure, but it is interesting to see because some of the rumors that have appeared in the past have proved true.

A supposed logic board of the iPhone 5S published by Japanese site Moumantai leaked online. A new positioning of the screws on top of logic board can be observed, the amount of space for the processor is unchanged.

A possible display of the iPhone 5S appears in the first image and it suits the logic board published by Japanese site Moumantai.

In the picture there aren’t any noticeable differences compared to what is already implemented in the iPhone 5.

The iPhone Lite and iPhone 5S are represented in the drawings below, which were obtained by case manufacturers.

The iPhone 5S is presented as being 0.1 mm thicker than the iPhone 5. The iPhone Lite has more rounded edges than the iPhone 5, but otherwise there are no differences.

After the logic board and display for the next iPhone, there was a picture published by MacRumors, showing the structure of the internal components of the device, with some of the future components, including the battery.

The battery has a different range code than that found in the iPhone 5 and a higher capacity of 5.92 Whr compared to 5.45 Whr on the iPhone 5.

The LED flash hole seems to have a slightly different form than that of the iPhone 5 and that could mean a dual-LED flash could be implemented.

The logic board present in the picture has a shape similar to that of the component presented in recent days.

Based on the date printed on the chip it seems to have been manufactured ​​somewhere in October last year, so it’s hard to believe we are talking about the future A7 chip, the component being more likely an A6 chip.

And finally here is an interesting iPhone 6 concept with a 5.7-inch screen.