Paula Deen thanks Food Network after being fired

Following Food Network’s announcement that they are not renewing Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of the month, she issued a statement in which she thanked cable channel for 11 “great years.”

“I have had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country and meeting people who have shared with me the most touching and personal stories,” Deen, 66, said in the statement released to People.

“This would not have been possible without the Food Network. Thank you again. Love and best dishes to all of ya’ll.”

Paula Deen will leave the show she has hosted for 10 years following a scandal sparked by her admission that she used a racial slur in the past.

The 66-year-old chef has posted two video online in which she apologized for the controversy following her discrimination lawsuit.

“I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done,” she said in one of the videos. “I want to learn and grow from this.”