Apple signs three-year deal with TSMC for next-generation iPhone chips

Credit: Apple

According to Digitimes, TSMC and Apple have negotiated a three-year contract that provides Cupertino with the supply of Ax processors.

The chips will be engraved in 20-nanometer and 16-nanometer and up to 10-nanometer processes.

Production for the first A8 will reportedly start in July 2013 in small amounts before taking off in December, according to industry sources cited by the publication.

The A8 will likely power the iPhone 6 model that will come out in 2014.

The manufacturer will also produce A9 and A9X chips that will be etched even finer, using use 16-nanometer and 10-nanometer processes.

The A9 and A9X will equip Apple’s 2015 and 2016 smartphones.