iPhone 5S rumors: leaked pictures, components, features and more

Credit: Apple

Rumors on the implementation of a dual LED flash in the iPhone 5S have existed for several months, and now a leaked image shows an increase of the space allocated to the LED flash.

At a closer look two LEDs placed instead of one can be seen.

Implementing a dual LED flash on iPhones would provide users with the ability to record pictures in low light conditions.

Other images show that the next iPhone is going have an A7 chip, 1 GB RAM and also the implementation of a dual LED flash in the next device.

Although the chips in the pictures don’t have the A7 branding, which many expected to see, the codes registered on the edges denote the fact that that is the name Apple will likely give to the chipset.

At the top an APL0698 code is marked, a code that at first sight does not say much, but that in fact confirms the existence of an A7 chip.

Apple’s A6 chip has the code APL0598, the chip A6X from iPad has the code APL5598, (the A5 chip having the code APL0498) and the difference of one digit / two digits between the code on an A5/A6 chip and the one in the picture denotes the transition to a new model.

Analyzing other codes on the chips, it seems that the prototype with the component we are talking about was assembled in December 2012, so it is quite old, but it would still have 1 GB RAM.

Regarding the dual LED flash, we can observe two different lights in the location dedicated to the flash.

The front camera of iPhone 5S has leaked in new images, and it is rumored that the next iPhone will feature a 13-megapixel main camera and a front camera capable of recording in 1080p, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet by information in the iOS 7 or based on images that surfaced online.

Another picture shows a supposed iPhone 5S production line and the front panel of the device. The image suggests that at the moment Apple partners produce at least some of the components of the iPhone 5S, and that they are going to be assembled.

After many rumors taking as certain that the iPhone 5S will be available in 5-6 colors, now we have the first components that support this idea, and in the image you can see a blue version of the SIM tray.

A supposed picture showing the battery of the future device presented on what seems to be a production line of an Apple partner surfaced this week.

However, the components have no markings on them and basically we can’t know for sure if they are authentic.

For months it has been rumored that the iPhone 5S would be Apple’s first smartphone to have a fingerprint reader.

This fingerprint reader has to be implemented in the sides of the screen instead of the Home button and electrical impulses would read users’ touches.

New HD pics put up the front cover of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S side-by-side.

A notable difference between the devices is the slightly longer flex cable that stands out in the photos from the housing.