Eva Longoria and boyfriend Ernesto Arguello: wedding rumors?

Ernesto Arguello/Twitter

According to sources close to the Longoria-Arguello couple, the two are actually thinking of taking things to the next level.

“It’s very real – they’re both in love, which is rare for him,” the source tells People. “They’re always traveling together. His family likes her a lot … they’ve never seen him so taken by someone.”

The two met last year when he participated in “Ready For Love,” a reality show she produced.

They initially denied rumors of a relationship but the actress recently confirmed that their friendship eventually turned into romance.

“Eva is a firm believer in marriage,” adds the source. “Ernie may be a player when he is single, but he’s never cheated on anyone and is very religious. I think the fact that he’s so family oriented is what got her.”

“My guess would be they’ll be married within the next year.”

Ernesto has also taken Eva to visit his native Honduras , where he built a school and houses for the poor.

“Eva is so down to earth, she doesn’t ‘act famous’ at all,” says the source. “He is definitely not dating her because she is famous … they’re not a Hollywood couple. They’re very real and very in love.”

The announcement of their relationship came just days after her ex-husband Tony Parker dropped hints at a possible marriage with his girlfriend Axelle Francine.