iPhone 6 rumors: Foxconn begins large-sale recruitment for next iPhone

Credit: Apple

According to China Business News, a recruitment firm that collaborates with the Asian manufacturer has begun large-scale recruitment of workers for what the publication claims to be the rumored iPhone 6.

An insider told the site that there are currently 210,000 workers at Foxconn, which is less than the 300,000 employees during 2012’s peak manufacturing.

Interestingly, China Business News also mentions another product besides the one going into production. The device is said to feature a “borderless” design, an aluminum and carbon fiber shell, and a body weight 40 % less than the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S, with a physical design similar to the iPhone 5, is expected to be released in the fall. Analysts expect a more radically redesigned iPhone 6 is set for release next year.