Top 5 Gerard Butler rumored/for real girlfriends: Madalina Ghenea, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and Ashley Greene

Gerard Butler/Facebook

Butler has been linked with the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but he hasn’t been in a relationship with each of them. Some were only rumored relationships while others were for real.


Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler have been in a relationship for about a year, and even though things between them are for real, they weren’t spared by rumors.

In an interview with Italian show Verissimo, Ghenea revealed that Butler is her “first true love.”

For his turn, the actor said about the beautiful actress: “She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”


Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston denied dating rumors, with the Scottish actor claiming that he and Jennifer are good friends, while Aniston declared that Butler is “the best!”.

At one point Butler told People magazine: “I literally became a member of her family.”

“I went down for her birthday in Mexico,” he said. “Of course, everyone takes that as something else, but we are very good friends.”


Butler addressed rumors that he and Diaz are in a relationship and the handsome actor chose to respond with humor: “So if I take my dog for a walk apparently I’m f—ing my dog?

He added: “No, it’s not true!”

The context in which Butler came out with Diaz was a double date with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon.


Gerard Buttler and Jessica Biel were spotted togheter on a motorcycle ride at the time (June 2, 2011) in Malibu, Calif., and from this it was concluded that there was something going on between the two .

But the actors’ rep told People that Jessica and Butler are “just friends.”


The rumor about a possible romance came up in 2011, when Us Weekly reported that they were spotted together at the Boom Boom Room in New York.

“He had a hand on her shoulder and leaned in to her,” a source told the mag.

“He really turned on the charm,” the source added.

Anyway, Greene admitted to Allure magazine that Buttler is “extremely attractive”, but denied having a relationship with the actor.

You can see that from five relationships, only one is confirmed. But if you do an exercise of imagination which couple do you think is the most accomplished?

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