iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 design: 6 concepts presented in a video

In the video, ConceptsiPhone has introduced 6 of the most interesting concepts for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone Lite.

The first iPhone 6 concept designed by M has an interesting but atypical design, as the rounded edges of the device that Apple has accustomed us with no longer exist.

The second is also an iPhone 6 concept, designed by Philipp Tusch, available in multiple colors.

Thinner, lighter, with a touch sensitive home button, the device features an edge-to-edge 4.5” display, a glowing Apple logo and brand new app icons.

The third is an iPhone Lite by Martin Hajek, available in various colors including green, yellow, red, white and blue. The new iPhone Lite concept also features a plastic shell and iOS 7.

It was rumored that the next iPhone will come in a gold color version. Although it won’t come as a gold metal handset, the next iPhone in the video is a gold-plated concept created by designer Martin Hajek – the iPhone 5S ( iGold ).

The fifth concept is named the iPhone Lite and it is designed by Ran Avni. It’s available in five light colors, it has a 4-inch Retina display, an 8MP rear camera, iOS 7 and more.

The last iPhone 6 concept is designed by ADR Studio with iOS7, featuring a fingerprint reader, a 4.3-inch screen, a touchpad, an 18-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash and more.