iPhone 5S rumors: next Apple iPhone to feature LiquidMetal casing?

Credit: Apple

Recent rumors suggest the smartphone will come with a faster processor and an upgraded camera, NFC compatibility and a fingerprint scanner.

A new report from BGR puts forward an interesting theory: the handset could feature a casing made from LiquidMetal alloy, introduced by Vertu in mobile phones in 2004.

Jonathan S. Geller, an analyst at BGR, believes Apple will use the technology to produce the case of the iPhone 5S to make it scratch resistant.

LiquidMetal strength is 2 to 3 times higher than conventional metals, and also highly resistant to scratches but very light at the same time.

In a previous article Geller found that the leaked SIM tray for the next iPhone was made using LiquidMetal. The components weren’t made from aluminum, they rather seemed injection molded.

The idea makes sense given that Apple is known to have signed an agreement with LiquidMetal for material the company used in its products.