iPhone 6, iPad 5 rumors: Apple reportedly testing larger-screen iPhone and 13-inch iPad

Credit: Apple

According to suppliers cited by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is considering marketing an iPhone with a screen larger than 4 inches, and an iPad with a display size measuring 13 inches.

WSJ reports that Cupertino placed orders at its suppliers for larger screens several months ago.

However, the report notes that it’s a long way from the prototype to the marketing phase or it may even never become reality if the company drops the idea.

These tests indicate that Apple wants to enter the large-screen device market sector by offering products with new different formats.

Photos of a blueprint for the iPad 5 leaked last month and suggested that the device may come with a design similar to that of the iPad Mini.

A new report about the iPhone 5S speculated that the handset could feature a casing made from LiquidMetal alloy.