Beyoncé gets her hair stuck in fan during concert

At a concert in Montreal on Monday, July 22, Beyoncé got her hair stuck in a large electronic fan.

The singer was performing her hit song Halo near the stage, close to her fans, when her hair became entangled in the fan.

As her bodygurads were trying to release her hair, she continued her song for endless seconds.

The incident was filmed by fans in the audience and videos appeared online shortly after the concert.

With humor, the 31-year-old took to her Instagram account and posted a video of the incident and a hilarious and a small handwritten text parodying her song Halo.


“Gravity can’t begiiiiiiin/to pull me out of the fan again/I felt my hair was yankiiiiiiiin/From the fan that’s always hatiiiiiiiin,” she wrote. “I got snatched… goodnight all.”