Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea were in Romania for a brief vacation, not for her brother’s wedding

Photo Credit: Antena 1

Even though there were rumors that he had come to attend the wedding of his girlfriend’s brother, it seems that the nuptials will take place in August, Ghenea’s grandma has revealed.

Other rumors denied by Ghenea on her Facebook page claim that she and the Scottish actor had an argument. But her sudden departure had to do with a film series she’s currently working on – “The Borgias.”

“I didn’t fight with anyone in my short holiday in Romania! 🙂 peace,” she wrote.

Photo Credit: Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

During their brief stay in Romania, the couple visited Transfagarasean, “the best road in the world …”, as called by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, and also the Sphinx and Babele – rocky formations meaning The old women.