Kate Middleton baby name: what will the royal baby be called?

Bets have already been placed on what the name could be George, James, Charles, Philip and Francis were cited among the favorites.

What could be a safe bet is the fact that the baby will likely have more than just one name, as is typical of royal tradition.

Take for example the baby’s father, William Arthur Philip Louis, or his grandfather, Charles Philip Arthur George.

“I think because the child is going to be the third in line to the throne, they have to maintain all this tradition,” said Pauline Maclaran, a professor of marketing and consumer research at Royal Holloway, as cited by The Huffington Post.

“They’ll go for three or four names and … be able to make the right nod to the right people,” she added.

Albert Mehrabian, a professor emeritus of psychology at UCLA and an expert on names, placed his highest bets on James.

“Names make impressions, good and bad,” he said. “Among all the names I’ve studied, James rated the highest.”

Kate and William can take their time to choose the name of their newborn son.

A week passed before the world got to know William’s name when he was born 31 years ago, and one month passed in the case of Prince Charles.