Madalina Ghenea & Gerard Butler: We “definitely didn’t come to Romania to fight”, but “to show him my country, and he enjoyed it very much”

Photo Credit: Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

The reason why Ghenea left her homeland in a rush to head to Italy is because she had to be on the set of the show “The Borgias.” In the Franco-German production, directed by Tom Fontana, Madalina plays the role of Cesare Borgia.

Madalina was surprised on the set of the show by Romanian journalists, and spoke briefly about the holiday she spent with Gerard Butler in her country.

The reporter asked her what Gerard Butler thinks about her homeland.

J: “What does Gerard think about Romania?”
MG: “He enjoys Romania very much.”

J: “Did he have a good time?”
MG: “I think he did, yes.”

The actress also cleared the rumors of a possible argument between them, when asked by the journalist.

J: “Is it true that you had a fight at the end of holiday?”
MG: “We didn’t have fight, it’s not true.”

J: “Just a little argument between the two of you?”
MG: “There wasn’t even the smallest discussion between us.”

J: “Are you getting back to Romania?”
MG: “It’s me who is on the set right now and I see that people on the set are looking at me a bit … it’s incredible, I’m shocked.”
MG: “I’m really shocked that you are here.”

J: “Where are you having your next holiday?”
MG: “We don’t know where we’ll have our next vacation, but definitely didn’t come to Romania to have a fight.”
MG: “We came here so I could show him my country, and he enjoyed it very much.”

J: Will he come back?
MG: I hope he’ll come back.

J: The wedding, were do you think you will have it, in Romania, Italy, America…?
MG: We haven’t talked about a wedding.

Madalina also denied the rumors about a fight between her and Gerard on her Facebook page: “I didn’t fight with anyone in my short holiday in Romania! 🙂 peace.”