Gerard Butler spent more three days in Romania after Madalina Ghenea left for Italy

Gerard Butler/Facebook

It was even speculated that the couple had a fight. The actor came to Romania last weekend, on July 20, in a short holiday to visit his girlfriend’s homeland.

Ghenea shut down rumors that there was an argument between her and the Scottish actor in a post on her Facebook page and in an interview.

“I didn’t fight with anyone in my short holiday in Romania! 🙂 peace,” she wrote.

For a while it was unknown whether Butler had left on the same day as his girlfriend (July 22), but it eventually turned out that he remained in Romania to visit other tourist spots, a sign that he was impressed by the beauties seen in his lover’s homeland.

He reportedly tried to stay as anonymous as possible and retreated in the Bucegi mountains.

Butler was even filmed by other tourists who were in the region and with whom he had a little chat.

T: Oh my God, Gerard Butler?

T: Hi! How are you?

GB: I’m good! How are you?

T: Can I take a picture of you?

GB: No, cause I’m not really supposed to be here.

T: Why not?

GB: It’s a long story.

Ghenea was spotted by ProTV journalists on the set of the series “The Borgias”, where she plays Cesare Borgia’s wife, and asked about a possible fight between them.

“We didn’t have fight, it’s not true,” she said.

“We definitely didn’t come to Romania to have a fight,” Madalina continued. “We came here so I could show him my country, and he enjoyed it very much.”

There have been rumors that another reason besides visiting Madalina’s country was her brother’s wedding and the press speculated that Butler was planning to come with her at the event.

The rumor was indirectly denied by Ghenea’s grandmother who said in an interview that the wedding will take place in August.

In their brief vacation the pair visited the Sphinx, the Babele (meaning The old women), and they took a ride on the Transfagarasan, the road that Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson called “the best road in the world …”