iPhone 5S rumors: production of iPhone 5 halted ahead of next iPhones release

Credit: Apple

According to Korean site ETNews.com, Cupertino is likely to drop the production of the iPhone 5 in the fall.

The measure is said to be prompted by the company’s plan to focus on the upcoming iPhone 5S and the rumored low-cost iPhone.

In addition, the in-cell technology that is used on the iPhone 5 is “not suitable for low-volume production.”

However, this information isn’t certain as it is reported that the iPhone 5S may come with the same technology for the display as its predecessor.

The iPhone 4 and 4S are reportedly put aside as Apple wants to concentrate on a range of products that feature the Lightning port.

That may only leave the iPod classic as the only 30-pin device, while the rest shifts to the Lightning connector.