Blake Shelton opens up about wife Miranda Lambert in new interview

Miranda Lambert/Twitter

Country music’s power couple has been the target of numerous rumors lately, whether they were about cheating, getting a divorce or having babies.

But the two have remained unaffected by all the fuss and their marriage seems to be as strong as always.

“I don’t give her too much s##t, that’s like poking a bear,” Shelton tells the magazine’s August issue. “She’s as lovable as can be –- until you cross her. She’ll go from zero to 100 real quick.”

“If Miranda has an inkling you’re saying something harda#s to her, it’s gonna be a problem.”

Fortunately for him, it never gets rough between them.

“I’m a lover, not a fighter,” he says.

The singer also talks about his cast mate on The Voice, Adam Levine, and how he likes to kid around with him.

“I get frustrated with Adam because, to me, rock stars are supposed to be drunk all the time. But he’s very healthy. He takes care of himself,” Shelton jokes. “And it drives me crazy, because I want him to be more like me. Drunk all the time.”