iPhone 6 features: most desired characteristics

iPhone 6 concept presented by NAK Design

Firstly, the fingerprint reader is likely to be integrated in the next-gen iPhone and the recently-discovered codes in iOS 4 beta 7 seem to suggest that. This feature could also be used to make NFC mobile payments.

Also important is the incorporation of IR that can turn your device into a universal remote, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Another possible upcoming characteristic would be an integrated activity tracker that would replace the gyroscope, accelerometer and other external sensors.

Apple may also plan to introduce NFC support in the iPhone 6, allowing you to use your iPhone as a payment device.

More storage could be added to the next-generation iPhone as the handset could be upgraded to 128GB, similar to the iPad.

So far, Siri’s performance has disappointed users. With the iPhone 6, Siri could be improved with new features, including optional male and female voices.

Another appreciated innovation would be a function for the smartphone for inductive “wireless” charging.

The iPhone 6 may also bring improvements in Control Panel, so the user will have quicker access to settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but there is more work in this area.

The next iPhone is likely to be much faster and Apple announced that the new dual-core A6 chip will be twice as fast as the A5. It will also be smaller and more economical in terms of energy.

Although the iPhone 5 came with a bigger screen, users want Apple to be able to give a wider and longer display.

Finally, an improved battery life is regarded by many as a must for the iPhone 6 and Apple is likely to make this one their priorities.

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