Will Gerard Butler attend girlfriend Madalina Ghenea’s brother’s wedding?

Photo Credit: Antena 1

But it seems that the rumors were indirectly denied by Ghenea’s grandmother, who in an interview said that Madalina’s brother is getting married in August this year.

Gerard Butler spent a weekend with Madalina in Romania visiting some tourist spots, but she had to leave her homeland after two days due to filming projects – Ghenea was supposed to shoot for the series “The Borgias,” in which she plays Cesare Borgia’s’ wife.

Anyway, her rushed departure led to rumors that they had an argument at the end of their short vacation. However the actress then denied rumors of a fight between them in an interview.

“We didn’t have fight, it’s not true,” she told ProTV journalists. “We definitely didn’t come to Romania to have a fight.”

“We came here so I could show him my country, and he enjoyed it very much,” she added.

Ghenea also shut down the rumors on her Facebook page: “I didn’t fight with anyone in my short holiday in Romania! 🙂 peace.”

When the press reported that their brief vacation was over and they were returning to their projects – Butler in London and Madalina in Italy – it turned out that the actor decided to extend his stay in his girlfriend’s homeland, and was even filmed by fans walking on mountain paths.

The pair met in New York last year and moved together practically from day one.

On numerous occasions they expressed their love and admiration for each other. Ghenea called him her “first true love“, while Butler called her “the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

Their relationship has been the target of numerous rumors, especially about breakups, but they denied those claims by showing up together from time to time.

For Madalina Ghenea, her brother’s wedding is one of the most important events of her life. An event she would probably like to enjoy in the company of her beloved.

Whether they attend the wedding together or not – due to their projects – we’ll see next month, but the fact is that they would be one hot couple.