Madalina Ghenea opens up about Gerard Butler in new interview

Photo Credit: Antena 1

The 25 year-old actress revealed to Italian magazine “Donna IQ” that she could not resist one of the most fascinating men on the planet.

“When we first met, in New York, mutual friends warned me: “Stay away from him, he’s a womanizer (donnaiolo),'” she said. “So I was prevented.”

“The next day after we met, he took a flight and came in Milan,” Ghenea continued. “Gerard is such a romantic.”

“What could I do?” “The most fascinating man on earth on the floor, with a bunch of flowers in his hand.”

Ghenea has even charmed the Scotsman’s mother, and the Romanian actress herself is also extremely excited about Mrs. Margaret Butler.

“Shortly after that, he took me to Scotland to meet his mother. We adore each other. In fact, I sometimes get along with her better ​​than with her son,” Madalina concluded.

Last month Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea spent a short holiday in the actress’ homeland where they visited some tourist spots.