Madalina Ghenea on Gerard Butler: “The most fascinating man on earth”

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

Actually this is the title of the interview: “My life? Like a game of chess.”

Ghenea opens up about Butler, calling him “the most fascinating man on earth.”

“When we first met, in New York, mutual friends warned me: ‘Stay away from him, he’s a womanizer (donnaiolo),’” she said. “So I was prevented.”

“The next day after we met, he took a flight and came in Milan,” Ghenea continued. “Gerard is such a romantic.”

“What could I do? The most fascinating man on earth on the floor, with a bunch of flowers in his hand.”

The 25-year-old actress also spoke about the age difference between them.

“18 years, to be precise. But I’m actually too mature for my age. I had to understand the world in a rush and even build up walls around me.”

Madalina also talked about her childhood, her brother and her complexes.

“My brother was like a father and mother to me. I remember as a child, he would recite poems dedicated to Ceausescu to me. During school I was filled with complexes, because of my dark skin, because I was too thin, too tall …They gave me all sorts of possible nicknames, “giraffe”, “Olive”.

“I would wear two pairs of pants to hide my flaws …”

“I come from a town where everything revolved around the aluminum factory, which was in a really poverty. The smell of orange also has a psychological value for me, it symbolizes Christmas, celebration, and now I star in a film with Jude Law … incredible! ”

The full interview will appear in the August edition of the Italian magazine “Donna IQ”.