Sam Claflin marries Laura Haddock

Sam Claflin/Twitter

Sam Claflin met his wife a year ago at an audition for a role, and he revealed it was love at first sight.

“It’s the sickliest story ever. I walked into an audition room, I saw her and I knew. I’m not kidding for the life of me,” Claflin revealed.

“She was reading in for a part and it’s my fourth free call.”

“I’ve done previously three auditions with this other girl reading and this girl walked in and I walked out of the audition, couldn’t care less if I got the part.”

“I called my agent, I said, ‘Mate, I am in love.’ He’s like, ‘How did the audition go, mate?’ I was like, ‘No, no, you don’t understand. I have just met the woman I want to marry.'”

The couple haven’t given any statement on the wedding.