Justin Bieber’s security team subjected to police investigation after club brawl

Justin Bieber/Instagram

The New York Daily News reported that the star arrived around 2 a.m. at the nightclub and was installed in the VIP area inside.

As fans reportedly tried to get close to him for an autograph or a photo, Bieber lost his temper with a stranger and “ripped his shirt off and went nuts.” A rep for the club has denied those claims.

Bieber’s security team got into an “altercation” with the fans outside as he was leaving the club.

A rep for the South Pointe club told the New York Post, “Security was pushing people away… and that’s when the altercation happened.”

The fight reportedly started after a patron allegedly threw a rock at Bieber’s SUV.

A witness said, “Someone threw a rock at the car, Justin’s security stopped the car and beat him up. Justin stayed in the car and wasn’t involved.”

Security tapes from the nightclub reveal that the altercation took place on Tuckahoe Road.

A rep for South Pointe told the New York Post: “An investigation is still pending, and we’re cooperating with that, but South Pointe is not involved in all with the incident because it happened off premise.”

According to Southampton Police, a victim went to Peconic Bay Medical Center plans to press charges about Justin’s entourage.

“Upon his release from Peconic Bay Medical Center, the subject responded to Southampton Town Police Department and provided a statement to Detectives that earlier this date, 08/04/13, at about 3:45 AM, while he was at the South Point Night Club located at 125 Tuckahoe Lane in Southampton, he was involved in an altercation and physically assaulted by subjects unknown to him but he believes them to be members of singer Justin Bieber’s security staff who he stated were also at the night club,” a statement from the Southampton Police said.