iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C/iPhone 6 rumors: release date, leaked components photos, new features and more

Credit: Apple

Here is a small overview of the latest rumors.

The first set of leaked pictures this week showed came from Japanese retailer Moumantai ( via Nowhereelse.fr), and they presented what was claimed to be the audio control and power button flex cable of the iPhone 5S.

A comparison of the components showed differences between them and the counterparts found on the iPhone 5.

The French site speculated that the leaked parts could be destined for the low-cost iPhone, and not the iPhone 5S.

The same site published images they obtained the catalog of a dealer who sells repair parts for the iPhone 5S.

The leaks show the camera on the next Apple smartphone seems to be attached to a ribbon, which is different from the iPhone 5 that had the LED flash attached to the same part through a ribbon.

Another series of leaked accessories came from parts retailer Luna Commerce, showing the volume keys, the power and the mute button.

While the format doesn’t appear to bear any changes, the color seems to take on a champagne nuance.

Finally, Vietnamese site Tinhte posted mockups of what the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, that leaked online from Asia.

The pictures of the iPhone 5S seem to confirm the rumors about the integration of a dual LED flash and give credence to reports stating that the new iPhone will maintain the design of its predecessor.

The iPhone 5C is shown with its all-plastic design, but also with a somewhat smaller Lightning connector.

In terms of analyst speculation, a new research note by Ming-Chi Kuo put forward the theory that Apple may bring in a new iPhone with a convex-shaped home button, covered with sapphire glass.

The veteran analyst believes the choice would be beneficial for built-in fingerprint recognition.

He argues that the new shape would help make room for the fingerprint reader, and at the same time it would protect the sensitive sensor, given that sapphire is one of the hardest materials available, and is second only to diamonds.

A precise presentation for the next Apple iPhones has been announced by sources cited by AllThingsD, who claim that the next Apple keynote will take place on September 10, and may hit the market beginning with September 20.

In terms of iPhone 6 rumors, it has been reported this week that Apple is planning on opening a new research and development centre in Taiwan for the production of next iPhone models.

The company has opted for hiring through word of mouth, instead of using formal job ads, and the positions they are searching for include experienced and junior-level engineers, as well as management positions.

Finally, we have a front panel comparison between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5, made by Letem Svetem Applem.

The parallel reveals differences between the cable that connects to the logic board for power and data, and the position of the screws, but the rest of the component remains the same.