Jennifer Garner on husband Ben Affleck: “He’s more handsome than you’d think he could be”

Alexi Lubomirski for Allure

For the photo shoot by Alexi Lubomirski, the 41-year-old actress wore Prada and Louis Vuitton outfits.

Besides the gorgeous pictorial, Jennifer opens up about her personal and professional life.

Speaking about her husband, Ben Affleck, she said: “Well, he’s taller than you’d expect and more handsome than you’d think he could be.”

Alexi Lubomirski for Allure

Regarding her professional life, the actress explains why she thinks it’s best not to be with her husband on screen: “Really, you don’t want to see a couple onscreen…People see paparazzi shots of us together all the time. There’s no mystery…People are sick of us.”

Jennifer also spoke about the support that her husband provides on the red carpet when she’s wearing high heels: “Sometimes it’s a pain because my heels are so high and it would be nice to have his arm. And he’s such a great date!”

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