iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C rumors: release date, leaked components, features and more

Credit: Apple

This week many rumors have appeared on the web, and we’re offering a full summary.

Perhaps the most important rumor is the one regarding the September 10 event apparently confirmed by The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, who has offered accurate predictions in the past.

With his traditional “yep” in regards to a report about the September 10 presentation of the next Apple iPhone, Dalrymple seemed to confirm the date.

The next Apple iPhones could arrive on the market ten days after its official presentation.

Also, the names of the smartphones were seemingly confirmed by Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

The report cited sources from Asia who confirmed the iPhone 5S and claimed that the “C” from the iPhone 5C stands for its availability in multiple colors.

The new handsets could be the largest and most profitable in the history of Apple’s iPhone launches, according to analyst Chowdhry.

Another good news for Apple comes from Asia again as it was reported that Tim Cook’s recent visit to China was likely focused on setting up a partnership between the two giants, especially as Apple has an interest in China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in the world.

News about the iPhone 5S stated that Apple’s supplier Japan Display is focusing on the production of the device

However, a report by Digitimes claimed that the iPhone 5S could be available in limited amounts at launch due to shortage of the fingerprint reader, meaning only 3-4 million units.

Anyway, the handset is definitely raising the bar as the A7 SoC will likely boost performance with up to 20%, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says.

The same analyst predicts the next-generation iPhone will feature 1 GB RAM LPDDR3, different from LPDDR2 in the iPhone 5, an 8 megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture and dual-LED flash, a 1600 mAh battery and storage capacity of 128GB.

Kuo is also the first analyst to give credit to the theory about a gold version iPhone.

Offering credence to this rumor are pictures of a smartphone in a gold version, posted by French blog MacBoutic.

iMore’s Rene Ritchie, who has provided accurate information in the past, also backs up the rumor, saying different sources have given him the same info about a gold option.

Leaks have been quite abundant this week.

Photos posted by French website Nowhereelse.fr showed the top and bottom strips of the iPhone 5S and the parts appear to include an extended hole for the flash, leaving space for two LEDs.

The same website published leaks of the rear case of the device and also posted some overlays and iPhone 5 comparison photos.

The comparison shots reveal several repositioned screw holes that are exactly in line with mounting points on the rear shell and seemingly the fact that Apple might change the camera and the way the motherboard is mounted on the housing.

Most importantly, the pics suggest that the Home button will come with changes, especially in terms of design.

Another set of leaked images of the Home button appeared to indicate that the next iPhone will incorporate a fingerprint reader, given the higher number of pins in the connector and the mounting holes that were designed differently from those in the iPhone 5.

A report by Laptop enforced the idea of a fingerprint scanner by arguing that a redesigned metal spacer cushion near the Home button could house “additional components.”

Regarding the iPhone 5C, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes that the handset could come without Siri and that it will replace the iPhone 4S on the market.

A set of leaked photos showed the volume buttons in shades of green, yellow, red, and blue, in line with previous reports stating that the handset will come in a variety of color options.

An HD video presented a close examination of a yellow iPhone 5C housing compared to several older iPhone models, including a side-by-side parallel with the iPhone 5.

Finally, a new set of photos published by Sonny Dickson presented different parts of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.