iPhone 5S rumors: gold version could actually be a possibility – analyst

The first pictures of the rear shell of the iPhone 5S in a gold variant were leaked on the Internet this week by French blog MacBoutic.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes Apple will release a gold version.

He also says the device will have 1GB of RAM and a new A7 processor.

Now, iMore’s Rene Ritchie, who already had access to accurate information in the past, declared: “There are a bunch of rumors and speculation making the rounds about Apple adding gold to the color options for the upcoming iPhone 5S. I’ve heard the same thing, but probably from different sources,” he wrote.

Ritchie cites Ally Kazmucha who claims it’s easy to anodize gold onto an iPhone.

He believes that based on the popularity of gold as an aftermarket option for color-treatments, and given the multitude of gold cases, Apple may be motivated to bring in a gold-colored iPhone to meet demand.

And for a more realistic perspective on what Cupertino may be having in the pipeline, the article features an image of an iPhone 5 re-anodized in gold (after-market).

Source: iMore